Offline Workshop

National Level Junior Championship For Software

The Objective of this whole competition is to judge the knowledge and skills of the all the participants, on the basis of which the winners of the Championship will be declared.


Quiz Competition :-

All teams will have to participate in the first round of the competition which will be a Quiz format, all the teams will have to complete a questionnaire which will be testing the knowledge and skills of the teams on particular topic on which they did the workshop.

The winners of this stage will be selected on the basis of highest correct answers given by a team. •

Task Competition:-

Top 10 teams will be selected from the Quiz competition; will qualify to the next Round which is ‘Task Completion”. Teams will be allotted a Task to complete. The team who will be able to complete the task the in minimum time and most efficiency will be will be the Winner of the Competition.

Game Rules and Regulation:-

• The Final Round Problem statement will be announced by the Techradiance Team on the day of the Competition.

• Participating teams will be asked to complete a task in a specified period of time. • Participating teams need to present the anatomy of their task with a small presentation round.

General Rules:-

Team Specification:-

• Participating team should consist of 1-2 members; team size should not increase more than 2 members.

• Participants from different institutions can form a team.

• Participants can be from different Class, Batches, Branch, or Year.

Task Specifications:-

• The Task for the competition will be announced at the time of competition, specified time period will be provided to prepare for the task.

Any changes in the rules regulation will be updated on the website.