As we all know today’s is the world of technology and every engineering student goes for Industrial training. The purpose of this Online Summer Training is to prepare students for the future mainly for the corporate industry. With the help of online summer training, students will able to develop their final year project and they become familiar with the technology. Summer training enhances the confidence, leadership quality or we can say leadership skills and it increases the efficiency to deal with technology. HARBOUR TECHNOLOGIES is the Best Online Summer Training Institute offers 6-week training, Industrial Training, Project Training, Winter Training on Various modules like -PCB Designing, AI, Machine learning, Data Science. BlockChain, VLSI, Remote Sensing & GIS, Hydraulic ARM, E_VEHICLE, Total Station and many more. You can attend this summer at various part of India like Chennai,Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad , Mumbai and with different period of time

What Project You child can make this Online Summer Training:- :-

This Online Summer Internship is specially designed for engineering students for all streams life ECE/EEE/MECH/CIVIL/IT/CS. It will help you to know about technology so you can understand the world of technology.

You can learn projects like:-

Data Analysis

AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Machine Learning


Bridge Designing

PCB Designing

Solar and Smart Energy System

IoT(Internet Of Things)

Arm Robotics

Cloud Computing/AWS

Home Automation

NOTE:-You can enrollee for online classes also. Our expert would be taught one to one and 100% attention is on you.

    Machine learning

    Machine Learning Training

    Android Apps Development

    android app development

    Ethical Hacking

    ethical hacking

    Racing Car Design

    Racing Car Design

    Structural Design

    structural Design Training

    Wind Analysis

    wind analysis

    Python Training

    Python training

    Benefits of Online summer training program:-

    1)With the help of this program you can gain valuable experience.

    2)At an internship, a student can practice and improve their industry skills while also learning how to work. Students can gain a better understanding of how what they are learning in school can help them with their future.

    3) Training program help students master professional soft skills such as communication, punctuality, and time management. These are skills that are key to success at a job and college and are highly sought after by companies. Many employers complain that there are few candidates with excellent soft skills.

    4) An online summer training program can be a real confidence builder for a student. Being successful in the real world can inspire a student to work harder at school, provide opportunities, and be more willing to take on challenges or be outside of his/her comfort zone.

    5)An online training program can help a student start to build a professional network that can be a resource for the student and provide an opportunity to the students so that they can deal with the real world.

    6 This program can help a student decide if a particular career is a good match for their personality, lifestyle, passions, and goals give the opportunity to deal with the latest technology and. This way a student can avoid spending time and money on training for a career that does not really suit their abilities or needs.

    7)By successfully completing this online summer training program, a student can obtain a positive recommendation that can be used for future employers, college admission and scholarship applications.

    Frequently Asked Questions:-

    Q.1 How I can participate in this Online Summer Internship program?

    Ans. You need to register online for this & then you can attend the classes and can be a part of this training program

    Q.2 Where will be the classes for this online summer internship?

    Ans.You can attend this summer training program at your College campus /Online or in our centers.

    Q.3 Can we go for online classes for these summer programs?

    Ans. Yes, online classes are available. We'll courier the kits & then you can proceed for online classes.(Online classes are the safest option in this current scenario of coronavirus, no need to cancel your plans)

    Q.4 What about the kit?

    Ans. There will be 2 option hardware or Software tool kit according to the technology. We will provide a takeaway kit for the hardware technology & software for other technology.

    Q.5. Will you be getting the study material?

    Ans. Yes, you will get a soft copy of the study material for further study.

    Q.6 Who is eligible for this camp?

    Ans. Anyone who is interested to learn new technology

    Q.7 I'm a student from Arts background, Is it fruitful for me?

    Ans. Yes, We are living in a technical world where we use technology from a basic household thing to our school, college & offices. we are using phones & laptops in our daily life. So you can proceed with the technology that will help you to understand the basics of technology.

    Q.8 What about certification?

    Ans. You will get the certificate of Trainee.

    Q.9 Is there an extra benefit?

    Ans. You will be getting the direct entry in the Techradiance Grand finale at IIT Hyderabad

    Q.10 Why are internship programs important?

    Ans. The Summer Internship program enables you to gain first-hand exposure to working in the real world. It also allows students to harness the skill, knowledge, and theoretical practice they learned in university. Internships provide a nice learning curve for students with little experience in the professional world.

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