Why Virtual Summer Camp for your kid?

With the help of Virtual Summer Camp, your kid will be more technology-oriented and he will enjoy the technology as a daily routine. As you know technology is ruling over the world and your kid can understand the technology with the help of Virtual summer camp.

Your kid will get confidence at an early age and that helps your kid in the future as well. And this is exactly what Virtual summer camp with technology does. It will create curiosity among your child and you never know your kid can create a New Technology.

HARBOUR TECHNOLOGIES is the Best Virtual Summer Camp provider at pan India level for school Students. School students learn various techniques with the help of this Virtual Summer Camp. Technologies are like AI, IoT, Python, Android Apps Development, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Android Apps Development, Lego Robotics, Python, Web-Designing, and many more.

Note:- No prior knowledge required. Age group:- from class 5Th Onwards. You can organize this Virtual Summer Camp on your school campus with the help of concerned faculty.

What Project You child can make this Summer Camp:-

This summer camp is specially designed for the school students from class 5th to 12th. It will help your kid to know about technology so your child can understand the world of technology. Your kid can learn the projects like:-
AI(Artificial Intelligence)
Cyber Security or ethical hacking
Android Apps Development
IoT (Internet of Things)

Note:- You can enrollee for online classes also. Our expert would be taught one to one and 100% attention is on your kids. You can organize this Virtual Summer Camp in your school campus also

    Ethical Hacking

    ethical hacking


    Iot Training


    Android Training


    Free Workshop On Python

    Benefits of Virtual Summer Camp:-

    1)Develop Lifelong Skill:-

    During Virtual summer camp children participate in a variety of group activities. For example, while participating in technologies like AI, Android apps Development, lego robotics or IoT(Internet of Things), a child learns how to work on a team, communicate with other children and solve a problem on their own.

    2)Promotes Independence:-

    At summer camp child experiences time away from a parent. This independence time is important in helping children develop a sense of identity. Kids learn to become more self-reliant as they explore their interests and discover their strengths and weakness. Independence is vital to becoming a self-sufficient adult.

    3)Fosters Growth:-

    The biggest benefit of camp is it takes your child out of their comfort zone and pushes them to try new things, as well as they can explore their interest.

    4)Build Self Esteem:-

    In summer camp children have the opportunity to achieve, whether that be to make a robot, Develop an app or automate their home appliances. Achievement is the main ingredient in self-esteem.

    5)Gives Children a sense of purpose:-

    Children will feel a greater connection to the technology like robotics, Solar & Smart Energy, IoT, Home Automation. A great sense of technology teaches a child they can make a difference that matters.

    Frequently Asked Questions:-

    Q.1 How I can participate in this camp?

    Ans. You need to register online for this & then you can attend the classes.

    Q.2 Where will be the classes?

    Ans. It can be on your school campus or in our centers.

    Q.3 Can we go for online classes?

    Ans. Yes, online classes are available. .(Online classes are the safest option in this current scenario of coronavirus, no need to cancel your plans)

    Q.4 What about the kit?

    Ans. There will be 2 option hardware or Software tool kit according to the technology. We will provide a takeaway kit for the hardware technology & software for other technology.

    Q.5. Will, you be getting the study material?

    Ans. Yes, you will get a soft copy of the study material for further study.

    Q.6 Who is eligible for this camp?

    Ans. Students from 5th class onwards can proceed for this camp.

    Q.7 I'm a student from Arts background, Is it fruitful for me?

    Ans. Yes, We are living in a technical world where we use technology from a basic household thing to our school & offices. we are using phones & laptops in our daily life. So you can proceed with the technology that will help you to understand the basics of technology.

    Q.8 What about certification?

    Ans. You will get the certificate of Trainee.

    Q.9 Is there an extra benefit?

    Ans. You will be getting the direct entry in the Techradiance Grand finale at IIT Hyderabad.

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