Science Project Idea For High School

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For any high school student’s science projects play an important role to have fun exploring STEM (science, engineering, math and Technology). Techradiance science projects are written and tested by our research person and we created specially for the students who are in high schools and middle schools students can follow the rule written in our science project and can make their own projects. Let’s describe one projects here:

Name of the Projects
Clean pennies with vinegar

Ingredient what you need:

1.One Non -Metal Bowl
2.One spoon salt
3.2-3 Pennies
4.1/4 cup of Vinegar
5.paper towels

Procedure1:- First of all pour some vinegar in the bowl and then add some salt in that .Stir that sometime so
that salt can mix in the vinegar
Then put some coins in that mixture and wait for 10-15 minutes .Take out those coins and rinse
them with water. Now you see the shininess of the pennies.

How this work:

When you pour vinegar into metal bowl. After reacting with metal its become an acid, then that
acid reacts with salt and that reaction helps to remove copper oxide which was making dull to
those coins

Some more Experiments:

Procedure 2:- Put some coin in the mixture of salt and vinegar as in procedure one. This time
don’t rinse the coins with water but let them dry with the help of paper towel .This time your
coin will become greenish in color as one chemical called malachite form on the coins

Procedure 3:- After procedure one put some nut bolt in the mixture .They may become copper in color because
vinegar removes copper from pennies .If this copper will be enough then it will reacts with
metal of the nut and then it can create a new copper color

Do some more experiment for these science projects and for more ideas you can visit science
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