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The New and upcoming era is all about Technology and coding. Up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030, according to analysis firm Oxford Economics. Coding is going to compulsory from next year according to NEP 2020, so here we are with a program that develops the skills of teachers/educators.

Who we are

Our story began in 2015, back then we were a technical training provider to engineering students. Today we are privileged to connect with thousands of educational institutes like schools, engineering colleges, BCA colleges and corporates every day with new and latest technologies and more than millions of students all over the world. The key to having a large, exclusive scientific and IT/coding talent pool for the future is seeking out, identifying young geniuses and providing them a chance to learn technology and coding with Industry Expert where they can learn coding and can decide their carrier at the early age. We are dealing in Robotics, Android App Development, AI, Software’s, Cyber Security, Quad Copter, Automobiles, Vehicle Dynamics & many more topics related to technologies. Harbour Technologies overture an extensive project during training period and after the successful finalization of training, students are awarded certificates, which are globally approved.

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