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Best Online Artificial Intelligence Training in Delhi

The best online Artificial Intelligence training in Delhi is offered by Techradiance. Our training programme is created to give you the abilities and information needed to succeed in the AI sector. Our knowledgeable educators are committed to giving you a thorough understanding of AI concepts and procedures.

We use a hands-on method of instruction to give you actual experience using AI technologies. With our accommodating online artificial intelligence course in Delhi, you may study on your own time and at your own speed. We provide customised help and direction to make sure you get the most out of our training programme.

But first, let’s learn about Artificial Intelligence. So, here’s the answer to, what’s meant by artificial intelligence?

The goal of the computer science discipline of artificial intelligence (AI) is to develop intelligent machines that are capable of carrying out tasks that would ordinarily require human intelligence, such as speech recognition, visual perception, decision- making, and language translation. The creation of algorithms and computer programmes that can learn from data and make decisions based on that learning is a key component of AI technology. Numerous industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and transportation, among others, have adopted AI in a variety of ways.

Syllabus ( Phase 1 &2)

The Phase-1 of this program will help a student to learn basic programming. Not just that, they are also going to build these below projects while they get introduced to the basic programming in Python.
  1. Expense Tracker
  2. Calculator
  3. Random Password Generator
  4. Speed Typing Test Maker
  5. Python File Explorer
  6. Instagram Photo Downloader
  7. Plagiarism Checker
  8. Python File Explorer
  9. Post-it Notes/TO-DO
  10. Steganography

The phase-2 is merely focused on making advanced projects on Python as the basic foundation is established in the phase-1. These advanced concepts are also the base for phase-3 which would help students to get comfortable with Machine learning as well.

  1. Dice rolling simulator
  2. Email sender
  3. Email slicer
  4. Advanced clock with GUI
  5. Binary Search Algorithm
  6. Desktop Notifier App in Python
  7. Python Battleship Game
  8. YouTube Videos Downloader
  9. Python Website Blocker
  10. Currency converter

Syllabus ( Phase 3 &4)

The phase-3 in this program is dedicated to the Machine learning concepts and implementation of Machine learning using Python Programming. We will have a deep dive into the conceptual understanding of the Machine learning algorithms and implement them with Python to realize real-life use cases.

  1. Sales Forecasting using Walmart Dataset
  2. Music recommendation system
  3. Stock price prediction
  4. Iris classification
  5. Speech emotion recognition
  6. Gender and age detection
  7. Drowsiness Detection with computer vision
  8. Human activity tracker with Machine learning
  9. Basic chatbot with python and scikit learn
  10. Image recognition project
Phase-4 is dedicated to Deep learning and advanced AI projects with Python. Deep learning and artificial neural networks can mimic human behavior in various aspects and help people to build robust and intelligent automated systems.
1.Intelligent Virtual Assistants like Google Assistant and Siri
2.Auto-capture selfie taker with Deep learning
3.Image caption detector
4.Traffic signs recognition with Keras and OpenCV
5.Chatbots with Keras and TensorFlow
6.Digit recognition system
7.Lung cancer detection
8.Covid-19 – Analyze real life datasets for Anti-Viral drug and Pattern recognition
9.Leaf disease detection system
10. Face recognition using Deep learning

What importance does Artificial Intelligence hold in today's world?

Because it can intelligently solve complex problems, artificial intelligence (AI) is very important in today’s world. AI is a great career choice because there are many work prospects due to the growing need for AI expertise across many industries.

You can gain the skills and information necessary to succeed in the AI sector by enrolling in the best online Artificial Intelligence training in Delhi or an online AI course in Delhi. The demand for qualified workers is rising quickly as a result of the advent of AI, and having an understanding of AI can greatly improve your employment prospects.

AI is changing how we work and live by offering clever answers to challenging issues and opening up new avenues for development and innovation. Take the first step towards a lucrative career in artificial intelligence by enrolling in the best online Artificial Intelligence training in Delhi. To enroll or for more information about our training programme, contact us right away.

Importance of learning Artificial Intelligence for kids:

In the modern world, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more significant, thus learning about it is never too early. To learn AI, young people should do the following:

  • Having knowledge of AI concepts and approaches will be a key asset for future work chances as AI becomes more pervasive across a range of industries.
  • AI can assist children in learning problem-solving techniques, logical reasoning, and critical thinking.
  • Creativity, because AI may be used to provide original solutions to challenging situations, it can also promote creativity and innovation.
  • Interdisciplinary, since AI is a topic that combines computer science, mathematics, and other disciplines, it’s a great method to introduce youngsters to different STEM ideas.
  • Applications in the real world. Speech recognition, facial recognition, and autonomous vehicles are just a few of the real-world uses for AI that can aid children in understanding how technology affects society.

Your children can gain a solid foundation in AI concepts and practice by enrolling in the best online Artificial Intelligence training in Delhi or an online AI course in Delhi. To enroll your children in our training programme and learn more about how we can assist your children get ready for the future, contact us today.


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Take the first step towards a prosperous career in artificial intelligence by enrolling in Techradiance’;s Best Online Artificial Intelligence Training in Delhi. To enrol or for more information about our training programme, contact us right away.
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  • Good Internet Connection

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Why Us

Harbour Technologies provides the best Online Artificial Intelligence Training at Delhi and the right choice for the students who are fresher and experienced students. Harbour Technologies provides Online Artificial Intelligence Training at well as on java, PHP,mean stack, cad/cam, embedded, etc

1. Availability: Machines don’t require any rest or breaks as like human beings. So, 24*7 availability is there.
2. It can be used in medical services.
3. It can be used in the Crime justice system.
4. It can use in day to day applications.
5. It can be used for economy, business & industries.

Frequently Asked Questions about online Artificial Intelligence training

You need to register online for this & then you can attend the classes

It can be on your College campus or in our centers.

Yes, online classes are available. We'll courier the kits & then you can proceed for online classes.(Online classes are the safest option in this current scenario of coronavirus, no need to cancel your plans)

Yes, you will get a soft copy of the study material for further study.

There will be 2 option hardware or Software tool kit according to the technology. We will provide a takeaway kit for the hardware technology & software for other technology.

Students who have the knowledge about basic python.

Yes, We are living in a technical world where we use technology from a basic household thing to our school & offices. we are using phones & laptops in our daily life. So you can proceed with the technology that will help you to understand the basics of technology.

You will get the certificate of Trainee.

You will be getting the direct entry in the Techradiance Grand finale at IIT Hyderabad.