FDP (Faculty Development Program) is more like a corporate training program. As we all know faculties are the pillar of any institute and pillar should be strong or updated then only an institute count as a good institute. This world is highly competitive and we need to get updated with the latest technologies. So to be updated in the latest technologies you can organize a Faculty Development Program for your professor.

We provide FDP in various branches like Engineering, Marketing, BCA/MCA on various technologies. You can organize this program on your campus with the help of HARBOUR TECHNOLOGIES, which is the best Faculty Development Program institute. At Techradiance we empower research scholar and faculty by bringing faculty development training program which will simply aim at developing the research skill of the educators.

1) To make faculty skilled in the latest technologies

2) Help faculty fulfill academic responsibilities

3) To make them integrate more technology into their teaching

4) To expand faculty roles

Objectives of the Faculty Development program :-

To expose the research scholar/faculty/students in emerging technologies like Design and analysis of machine elements with solidwork/Vehicle Dynamics /3D home designing with autocad/Machine Learning/Data Science/Blockchain/Python/Wind analysis with Stad Pro. The FDP program practical foundation level training that enables immediate and effective participation in various topics

Design and analysis

Design and analysis

Machine learning

Machine Learning Training

3D home designing

3D Home designing with auto cad

Python with Django

Python training

wind analysis

wind analysis

Training Certificate and Awards:-

1) Certificate of participation in association with Elan and Nvision IIT Hyderabad

2) Certificate of Merit in association with Elan and Nvision IIT Hyderabad

3) Wild card entry to each participant at IIT campus during national level competition

4) Certificate of Co-ordination in association with Elan and Nvision IIT Hyderabad

Our Exclusive selected zonal centers will get an opportunity to be nominated in our various categories listed below; the winners will be awarded with various goodies/ cash prizes /gift vouchers at the grand finale in IIT Hyderabad campus by our Authorities.

• Faculty Coordination Award

• Student Coordination Award

• Nodal Center Award

• Best Hospitality Award

• Successful Event of the series

Requirements for FDP:-

1)Seminar Hall/Classroom

2) Two cordless Mike 3)Projector and laptop

4)Accomodation for our team

NOTE:-You can enrollee for online classes also. Our expert would be taught one to one and 100% attention is on you.

Benefits of the Faculty Development Program

1. To make faculty skilled in the latest technologies

2. To make them integrate more technology into their teaching

3. To orient faculty to institution’s objective & vision

4. To expand faculty roles

5. To help faculty find work balance

6. To help for making quality and concern in the education

7. To improve research skills with quality work

Faculty Development program is required to learn teaching skills. Most of the teachers are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with very little training or exposure to teaching. Teaching skills cover some concepts, skills/practices and self-development practices under the faculty Development Program. They are:

a. basic knowledge on:

1. learning styles

2. multiple intelligences

3. educational goal objectives (Bloom’s)

4. action learning

5. assessment, objectivity in assessment

6. session design

7. instruction design

8. action learning

9. student psychology

10. student-teacher relationships and so on

b. professional skills/practices such as

1. objective and outcome setting

2. reflection

3. debrief

4. questioning

5. probing

6. rubrics

7. formative and summative assessments

8. feedback skills.

9. session evaluation

10. escalation, closure and so on

c. self-development practices to ‘become’ preferred teacher

1. self-concept and discovery

2. emotional awareness

3. ability to regulate self

4. empathy

5. self-motivation

6. recognition of other’s emotions

7. qualities such as being neutral, just, fair, non-judgemental and so on

Register for the Faculty Development Program at Techradiance-

Faculty development is another one of the most demanding programs. In the last few years, the demand for it has increased. It has its own limitless importance. The significant thing to consider is the selection of a training institute. The selection done in haste can result in loss of your precious time, hard-earned money, and aim in your life. So, one need to stay very careful while choosing an institute for the faculty development program in Delhi at a competitive fee.

Techradiance based in Delhi is a renowned and trusted institute imparting solution to the varied training program and needs. It has been observed that many qualified teaching faculties lack the required teaching skills that can make learning more engaging for learners. It has become the root cause of lack of confidence in students. The faculties are unable to deliver the course content to the learners effectively resulting in trouble for both the teacher and students. Inorder to overcome such problems, various improvement programs have been introduced. Faculties are encouraged to take an active part and enjoy the numerous benefits generated out of it.

The Faculty Development Program has many advantages. No teaching professional should miss the golden opportunity to be part of the learning program. It can give a boost to your standstill career. It can build the lacked confidence you opening the door to a world of opportunities.

Candidates looking for an institute imparting the best faculty development program in NCR can contact our representatives at Techradiance in Delhi. We are available to serve you round the clock.

Defining Faculty Development-

Faculty development is the process that provides educational coaching to faculty members. The process aims to help faculty members to upgrade their work performance, particularly in the fields of teaching, grant writing, and conducting research. The intentional process enables faculty members to work in a systematic way to enhance their skills in domains like educational skills; leadership skills, and skills necessary to engage in scholarly activities.

The personal development and skills in designing, and implementing a professional development plan are also inclusive of the faculty development process. Various faculty development programs are designed to provide support and training in all possible methods to faculty members to strengthen their teaching pedagogy.

In cases of individual faculty members, faculty development substantially indicates the improvement of that individual's teaching skills as well as the improvement of their course content and design. The faculty members who are directly associated with student get benefitted by faculty development programs as it helps to strengthen their professional development. Especially in undergraduate programs, the prime aim is to help these educators increase their knowledge skills, teaching effectiveness, and improving the vitality of educational institutions. Teachers with better efficiency are better equipped to guide students on journeys of inquiry and discovery.

Around the year higher schooling institutions conduct several programs, seminars, and workshops to support the improvement of teaching and learning. The pillars of academic excellence and areas of faculty success are the main focus of such programming and enhancement efforts. Time and again faculty development is all-inclusive of areas like teaching, learning, research or scholarship, and professional service. Universities and academic departments can provide one of the forms of institutional supports to faculty members to cultivate and sustain community-engaged research projects.

Faculty development programs can aid specific faculty to develop accomplishment necessary for scholarship engagements. Focus on individual faculty members who are designated to attend various programs and activities. Faculty member as a teacher is the most common focus for programs of this type. Faculty development experts impart consultation on teaching, inclusive of class organization, evaluation of students, in-class presentation skills, questioning, and all facets of design and demonstration. The inherent goal of organizing faculty development programs is to benefit student learning through the knowledge and experience shared by the respective faculty members.

Moreover, faculty development programs invite a big boon for junior faculty members to acquire advanced degrees in their respective fields of study. Numerous faculty enrichment programs offer short-term, non-degree opportunities that help teachers learn about new fields and apply new technologies. The particular capacity-building needs of the faculty are applied for project grants through network institutions.

Fundamental Elements of Faculty Development Programs-

Few fundamental aspects are essential for every genre of idealistic approach. A specific set of fundamentals is applicable to faculty development as well. Over the years, numerous experts have shared their valuable experiences for the benefit of people working in the academic field.

The below described 5 main fundamentals have great impacts on designing and delivering effective faculty development:

 Begin with a clear vision: The relevance of creating a mental picture of an ideal future or a vision is mentioned in almost every authority on leadership. As a beginning point, it is essential to identify the core values – the ideals that are most important for the institution. The role of a faculty developer e.g., mentors, encourager, change agent, etc., the desired faculty development to look and feel like on the institute campus. It is beneficial to incorporate ideas gathered from staff members into a brief, descriptive statement. This vision can be utilized as guidance for future decisions and actions depending upon the alignment of the institution’s mission.

 Maintain the right perspective: One of the less effective attitudes to view faculty development from a remedial perspective. Faculty who take advantage of professional development activities must not be considered as unsatisfactory. Rather than accept its potential to boost the instructional energy of all faculty impending faculty development as a way to “fix” designated faculty. Learning to teach is a lifelong process involving continual improvement with less inclination to take a remedial view of faculty development. The focus on improving student learning, disciplined towards growth, serves all campus faculties and includes a variety of programs and services are the right perspective that singles out any one group or type of individual.

 Network: A prime feature of providing meaningful faculty development depends on having effective campus relationships. Face-to-face encounters, phone calls, emails, and handwritten notes are multiple forms of opportunities to cultivate a relationship. Faculty developers can extend the network by attending both interesting and initially not so interesting campus events. The receptions, presentations, and meetings of those events open a good moment to listen to the minds of faculty. Moreover, networking allows the ideal opportunity to associate with other campus offices and services. Association with other campus units, such as disability support, student services, and skilled affairs eases provide programming that connects faculty to other valuable campus resources.

 Responsiveness and taking initiative: The primary service area of faculty development is to keep in mind the need to listen to faculty concerns and using these concerns to guide programming. It is essential to be proactive in responding to faculty needs instead of waiting for any direction to do so. A faculty developer needs to create unique initiatives to a specific context and based on particular faculty requirements. Additionally, alertness for instructional innovations and determination to offer the best campus support implementation is another key fundamental element for faculty development.

 Exhibit integrity: Effective faculty development is crucial to get credited as it involves complete trust and dependence. Regenerating commitment to maintaining confidentiality, following promises, best faculty servicing, and promoting student learning are the few attributes of a good faculty developer. The best interests of faculty and students are the prime focus area leaving aside any personal agenda. At the same time, it is equally necessary to communicate honestly with administrators for sharing issues and feedback.

At times even honest initiatives end in disappointment while it strives to offer quality faculty development. Although, assured success comes on the way with these five fundamentals and providing best efforts to faculty and students.

Next-Generation Teacher Development in India-

The prime focus of the higher education system in India is to attain continuous development and to achieve higher growth rates. Creation, transmission, and dissemination of knowledge enable to obtain the goal. The set-up of new institutions and the improvement of the existing ones reflect a consistent growth pattern at all levels of Higher education in the country. Over the next few years, there would be a constant demand for qualified teachers and faculty members. However, expansion of current institutional capacities would become extremely critical, not only in terms of infrastructure but also of qualified and skilled faculty members.

India is one of the leading global countries to have the highest number of educational institutions and, as a consequence, the highest number of teachers and faculty members. In the past two decades, unusual growth of institutions has witnessed a shortage of upgraded and well-trained faculty members creating a quality challenge for education in India. The present scenario has changed with the adoption of ICT educational tools by several institutions, though the situation is not actually sane for educational planning and implementation. There is a demand for skilled faculty members to help improve programs to produce quality graduates.

The escalating globalization in teaching is strongly backed by the Indian education sector and is regarded as essential for Indian institutions in developing India’s capacity in research and innovation. This drives to increasing the quality of teaching and learning resulting in India’s institutional ranking. The academic and intellectual environment enhancement in the institutions provides faculty members with ample opportunities to pursue research. Also, to take part in seminars/conferences/workshops has become important for progressing nations like India.

Participation in such events enables to update research and pedagogical skills of faculty members. Higher education institutions have started to adapt and respond to employ professionals, mature learners, and students demand skills for employability programs. ICT Academy pursues the Faculty Development Program as its primary objective with the aim of equipping faculty members with required skills and knowledge.

Techradiance Institute at a Glance

 Experienced and trusted institute

 Pool of experienced trainers

 Good and engaging study atmosphere

 Airy and spacious classrooms for comfort

 Coaching using the latest teaching equipment

 Located at a prime location with close proximity

 Different industrial training programs

 Option to choose courses based on the duration

 Affordable course fee

 Complete transparency and satisfactory coaching

Importance of Faculty Development Programs

In recent times, there have been several pieces of evidence about the impotence of the traditional way of teaching. Experts highlighted the importance of faculty development in response to advances in higher education that continue to adapt to the growing responsibilities of faculty members and to carry out more rigorous program evaluations. The need for faculty development programs to expand their focus, consider different training methods and formats and encourage new partnerships and collaborations are some other points of stress.

Some factors have important implications for faculty members that should be considered through faculty development programs.

The key factors to be considered are:

 Accountability constraints necessitate that faculty members demonstrate greater accountability in education and concerns from parents, students, legislatures, and the general people.

 The increasing diversity of students must be provided with effective faculty to support students with diverse learning needs.

 The opportunities and challenges of technology offer many opportunities to enhance learning processes with information.

 Changes in faculty characteristics and shifts in appointment patterns require finding ways to integrate the new faculty members into the institution's community and culture.

The University Grants Commission has taken proactive efforts to upgrade the knowledge and skills of faculty members in higher education institutions.

Why Choose Techradiance for the Faculty Development Programs?

We as a professional coaching institute in Delhi NCR also facilitate the highly demanding affordable faculty development program for the teaching professionals in the education sector. The purpose is to enhance teaching skills, increase knowledge and awareness about the latest technologies used in the educational sectors to make learning fun and effective.

The training programs are led by qualified and experienced trainers at Techradiance. Teaching professionals from different locations have been taking the unlimited advantage of our professional faculty development program run from time to time. The seats are limited so rush to book a seat today!

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