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What Is The Best Platform to Learn Python Programming Language?

If you are a school student and you have questions in mind like:-

1)Why should kids learn Python

2)What’s the best way to learn python for kids?

3)Tips for learning Python coding

4)Best online python classes for kids

5) Is Python easy to learn?

Then you are in the right place. In this post, I will try to resolve all your doubts about the python programming language.

Let’s understanding first, what is coding?

In today’s world coding is a new trend and it is not the future anymore, it is the present.

Coding is not now for the computer or engineering field, it is using in day-to-day life.

Coding is as important as other subjects. Kids who are concern about their future and want to start coding but don’t know how to start and which language they should pick.

Some languages are much easier than other language and with a wide used, the only thing you should pick the right language


1)Why should kids learn Python:-

i)Python is easiest or beginner-friendly:-

There are a lot of languages and many of them are trending and good for a wide variety of projects. Python is the easiest and unique language for kids with no programming experience

we recommend python for kids because it doesn’t use perplexing symbols as like other languages

ii)Kids won’t outgrow python:-

Some programming languages outgrow with time like scratch. Scratch language is purely graphical language even though that is good for elementary school children.

But this is not the case for python. In python you can start with a basic program and with practice you can go up to advance. Even though youtube, Netflix this kind of software work on python languages and you can make artificial intelligence projects with the help of python programming languages.


2) What’s the best way to learn python for kids?

There are a lot of languages and websites, apps and games so it is difficult to choose which platform you should use to start learning python languages

Here you will found some scientifically proven method those will help you out to start with python

i)Games involvement encourages kids to learn python:

Motivation is necessary for successful learning. Nowadays gamification is so popular in online classes because kids don’t get bored with this gamification.

As like incentive are necessary for good performance, This works as an incentive as well as the interesting factor for kids

ii)Python is project-based learning

Python is an easy language for beginners and you can start with small projects.

Many of the biggest name in the field of technologies like “Sunder Pichai”, “Bill gates “, Mark Zuckerberg they started coding at the early ages and with small and beginner projects and later on with practice and learning they made the big projects.

So it is necessary to learn basic first  with  time you can dream with big projects with proficiency

iii)Python Is easy to understand so kids don’t get bored while learning python:-

Some kids might think that they cant learn programming languages and it is hard to learn to code.

In this case, python is a good start. It is the easiest one that kid will feel overwhelmed, then they will start believing that learning to code is not difficult to learn, it may appear

So they should start with the short courses or with coding Bootcamp to get a start

Short classes and short coding Bootcamp are the best way to introduce python to the kids

iv)Practice makes you expert in Python:-

As we say practice makes a man perfect, same with python.

You have to practice, with practice you will get proficiency in python and can work on your dream projects too with time

If you learn once and then don’t practice then you will forget after some time. Then there will be no use of learning any coding languages

So the conclusion is you should keep practicing to get better in the coding field

Python Advantages and Disadvantages.

Advantages of Python:-

1)   Improve Productivity:-Python is a very productive language. Due to its simplicity and developer don’t need to spend much time on its syntax

The developer can focus more on problem-solving.

2)   Easy to read, write and learn:-

Python is a high-level programming language and having syntax like the English language.

This makes it easier to read and write. This is the reason a lot of people recommend learn python at starting

3)Intrepredted languages:-

Python is an interpreted language, its stops executing the code as soon as getting any error in any line.

So it is easier to find the error and it makes it easier to debug the code.

So in python language, we can interpret the code.

4)   Dynamically typed:-Python doesn’t know the type of variable until we run the code.

So developer don’t need to worry about which data is assigning to which variable

5)   Free and open sources:-

Python is an open-source language that comes under OSI approval. This makes it free to use and distribute

You can download the source code, modify it, and can distribute your version of python

6)   Having Vast libraries:-The standard library of python is huge, in the library, you can find almost all the functions that you need for your task.

This is the reason you don’t need to depend on any external library.

Even if you do from an external library Python Package manager make it easy to import other packages from the Python package index

7)   Portability:-You can port your code anywhere.

In other languages you have to change the code to run on any other platform .this is not the case with python

Once you write the code and you can run it anywhere with any platform without changing the code

Disadvantages of Python:-

1)   Slow speed:-As we already said that python is a dynamic and interpreted language so, sometimes line by line execution makes it slow execution.

Due to its dynamic nature python works at a slow speed because it has to do other work while executing the code

2)   Weak in mobile computing:-

Python used in server-side programing language, we don’t see python on client-side or as a mobile application due to its slow speed or slow execution of codes

3)   Not memory efficient:-To provide simplicity to the developer, python use to do tradeoff. So python programing language uses a lot of memory,

So this is one of the disadvantages because we make an application that is optimized with memory

4)   Runtime errors:-As we all know python is a dynamic language, so sometimes dynamically it changes the value like assign integer in place of string

In the future, it creates a runtime error.So programmer need to perform  testing of the application

5)   Database excess:-

Python is an easy and stress-free programing language .

But in terms of database, it lacks behind.Big enterprises need smooth interaction so they don’t prefer python in terms of database