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The technical workshop is the core of learning about different materials, equipment, tools, and manufacturing practices that are observed in different manufacturing functions and operations. The workshop is also of prime importance when you want to gather the practical knowledge

Free Cyber Security Workshop

Solar Panel and Smart Energy Systems

Build Projects:-Smart traffic Light control, Solar Car and Solar fan

Artificial Intelligence

Learn creation of intelligent machines that work and reach like Human.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Learn the ability of transfer data from one network to other without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction.

Home Automation

Control Lighting, Climate ,entertainment system and Home security (lighting control ,smoke detector, leak detector.)

Free Cyber Security Workshop

Cyber Security

Protecting networks, Computers, programs and data from unintended and unauthorized access.

Web Designing

Learn Web Designing & Building, Rendering Web Pages, Commercial use and publicity.

Free Android Apps Workshop

Android App Development

Develop apps like-splash screen, music player, SMS, Camera ,Email ,Text to speech app


Used for:-Web Development(server side),software development, mathematics, system scripting

Free Robotics workshop

Arduino Robotics

It’s a tiny computer on wheel .User friendly board. Details about programing ,sensor, embedded system and making of robots.

Robotics Arms

Robotics Arms S similar function to a human arm etc.


It’s a helicopter or multirotor that is lifted or propelled by four rotors. Used in-Photography, Videos. Military enforcement

C (Programming Language)

C is widely used for system programming in implementing operating system and embedded system application

Free Robotics workshop

Hand Gesture Robotics

This wirelessly controlled robot car uses gesture:-tilt/orientation of hand to drive forward, backward ,left and right.


Make a robot that can detect automatically like:- line follower, edge avoider

Mobile Controlled Robotics

Make a robot that is controlled by mobile phone

Free Robotics workshop


Hands on workshop for school students to improve their basics of technologies with help of Robotics,Iot ,Ai,Solar&smart Energy System,Home Automation etc.