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With the early learning of coding for children there will be greater chances for their achievement. For kids, coding just not help in their writing skills and improving mathematics but also benefits their personality by adding valuable skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and enhancing creativity. And for their progress in academics every child must learn to code. There are many reasons why coding is important to learn and why it should be taught in school. In this blog we will get to know :-

What is coding? Why should coding tought in school

  1. Coding can help children to become excellent problem-solver
  2. Coding develop flexibility by giving them challenging
  3. Coding boosts the creativity
  4. ack of skills in the software industry
  5. Coding teaches how to have fun with math 6)Coding is learning while having fun

What is coding?

Coding is computer programming and a method which helps to communicate with computers. With creating a set of instructions, code tells the computer what action and specific function to perform. And after learning coding we can tell the computer how to process fast. Children can use the skill to process data, make apps, websites, video games and can do a lot of other cool things. Coding can help you to get closer to your goals And anyone can learn how to code. There are different types of codes that depend on the needs of the coder. And different programming languages have their own set of rules. But simply coding is giving a set of instructions to the computer to produce desired outcome.

Why coding should be taught in school

Coding is far too important to be ignored. And the only way to do it is to make coding fun. Why should children learn coding? There are many benefits of learning coding. Since coding is the basic language of the digital age, which includes creating a set of instructions a computer understands and processes. It has its own syntax and grammar. And in order to master they should know how  to construct  their learning. Early coding can provide kids with various experiences that combine their thinking ,communication and problem solving. Students would be busy in various activities of multiple areas such as math’s, literacy, problem solving and communication.

Coding can helps children to become excellent problem-solver

To understand an approach of how things work, Children can understand by knowing computers and learning the basics of coding. As it teaches them how mathematics is used by software engineers to solve problems in creative and logical manner. This is one of the important reasons to teach coding in school so that students can learn it at a young age. In general ability to solve problem is the trait useful in life and who doesn’t want their kids to be problem solver so that they can face any adversity. Learning coding can give children a chance to learn this skill. And learning while they are young can help them in life.

Coding develop flexibility by giving them challenge

We can learn from our failure after trying. Coding helps kids to develop the ability to try and try till you succeed, so that they can work on their desired goal. Coding helps children to bounce back after each failure as it increases patience in children. Coding teaches children that failure isn’t a bad thing, infect it is essential as it provides chances to learn new things from previous effort. This is one of the important reasons for children to learn coding as students will be able to learn quickly to debug their code, which will be part of their fun. And that should be taught in schools.

Coding boosts the creativity

Computer programming teaches kids to experiment and boost their confidence to be creative, which gives them the opportunity to create and design things on their own. There is no possible way to enhance kids creativity except giving feedback, children need motivation as they learn a new language , or play any instrument. Coding is easy to pick up for children, especially, to gain confidence easily. When kids learn coding creativity comes with more fun ways, as they create and design code with confidence. Why is learning coding important? Kids can build  creative games and activities As coding doesn’t have to be boring, it is more fun.

Lack of skills in the software industry

With the advancement of technology there is an increase in demands of experienced coders (computer programmers), and as a result there is an increase in career opportunities every day.  The candidate who can code is further and can excel in any field. Qualified  computer programmers are hard to find and there is a long way for them. If kids learn coding, their experience can begin at a young age and they can grow up with their interest in coding and can work in the software industry .

Coding teaches how to have fun with math

Kids can increase their mathematics skills while learning coding and even without noticing it. Mathematics is the language of coding and learning to code involves analyzing and organizing data. Kids can make mathematics more fun by using it in logic and calculation by creating and designing something of  their own. This is another reason coding should be taught in school.

Coding is learning while having fun

In this digital age learning coding will be the perfect gift for kids as it is something enjoyable and also educational which helps them to increase their learning abilities. There are many reasons why coding is important , but the major one is learning with fun. Kids can learn a number of skills and with practice they can learn  while having fun.


Have ever wanted to make an application, game, or application? With coding, you can do that. After Learning to code we can make unimaginable things and even work on them. With Coding, we can make new tools for society and can also automate the spreadsheet. With the help of programming, we can add a whole new community and network to that.